phillip godfrey designer goldsmith

Phillip Godfrey Designer Goldsmith

Designer GoldsmithI have been designing and handmaking jewellery since 1973, I have always tried to keep slightly ahead of mass design trends to give my customers original and affordable designer jewellery that helps them stand out in the crowd.

Working in gold, silver and platinum I use traditional techniques, I do not use cad design, I prefer the human element 'drawn by hand and made by hand', thus giving my customer an item of jewellery that has been lovingly and personally created.

My Bespoke Handmade jewellery is actually totally handmade and not assembled from pre cast machine created parts and handfinished, and as such each piece is unique,this is important to remember as most CAD designed articles are usually renderred in wax then cast , this is not handmaking.

Philip Godfre

I closed the Southport Shop where we had traded for 30 years in early 2017, and I moved the business to Maidenhead in Berkshire, I now operate from a workshop which gives me more time to devote to the bespoke designer side of the business and our loyal worldwide clientele.

Bespoke Designs and Commissions can be dicussed by appointment only, or via e.mail. Thank you for visiting our website.

Phillip Godfrey

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